It is that time of year again when everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice – located in the heart of the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region – we know how important it is to remind everyone that this coming Wednesday it will be very, very important to drive very safely in the late afternoon and after-dark early evening hours, as Halloween is celebrated. We all want only a very safe and delightful day in our region for all during this year’s celebration. As always on this Holiday there will be many excited children in costume Trick-or-Treating in the dark that is now our late afternoon, again this year during a regular weekday commute home from work. Driving extra attentively is imperative as you approach and enter any neighborhoods on the 31st late afternoon and early evening. There are few holidays that children look forward to more than Halloween and we want to remind you that excited young children often act impulsively without understanding the potential danger of how their actions – which can be the opposite of a pleading parent – could get them in swift danger and in harms way in our many neighborhoods. On Wednesday it will be a best practice to expect the unexpected when driving in the afternoon and evening. No one wants any reports of any difficulties, especially here in the great Maine Lakes Region where there are many neighborhoods that are traditionally very safe locations for our trick or treaters of all ages, who look to spread the joy on this ghoulishly fun 2018 evening. The weather is predicted to be cloudy and in the in low 50 degree range dropping into the upper 40’s this coming Wednesday. Thank you for making sure that you spread the word and remind everyone you know that is driving on Wednesday, to be extra careful and expect, the unexpected! Thank you again this year! And as always, make it a great week!