With the Labor Day weekend approaching us in just ten days – arriving quickly this year falling on Monday September 4th – we have a lot of great weather and time left here in the great Maine Lakes Region to enjoy summer, even before the Indian Summer that happens sometime in the next six to eight weeks.
The exact dictionary definition of “Indian Summer” is written as:
“..a period of unusually dry, warm weather occurring in late autumn”.
Here in the Maine Lakes Region, that can happen anytime between Labor Day and Halloween, always varying in duration, and occasionally we enjoy moments of Indian Summer between Halloween and Thanksgiving – which oddly occasionally can usher-in the first snowfall to the region. One thing about the weather here in Maine: If you don’t like it.. Wait A Minute!
We have a couple of Fairs starting this weekend and during this week coming to talk about, both within an hour’s drive and well worth the trip:

The Windsor Fair – just a few minutes west of Augusta – is a large agricultural fair that runs for 8 days each year, starting this weekend through Labor Day. An easy day-trip from our area, the website is very informative, including comedian Bob Marley on Friday evening 7:00pm in the grandstand, followed by Fireworks. Here’s the Website link:


A bit further down east is the Blue Hill Fair, smaller in size however certainly worth the visit when it comes to seasonal delights:


This is the best time of year, before the heating season begins, to contact your local Oil Dealer of choice to have your heating system cleaned and tuned-up for winter. The cost savings you will enjoy over time for regular maintenance – including much better “gas mileage” – in this case “oil mileage” matters, especially with the average price of oil at this time being about $1.799 which is about ten cents a gallon more than in recent years at this time.

Who either took a student to college this week or weekend, or know someone who did? In this timeframe when college starts-up each year – usually the week or two prior to Labor Day Weekend – just remember the start of regular Elementary School can not be far behind. Look for the safety reminder soon as to the rules for School Buses on the road, and also for the new rules pertaining to having a phone either in your hand while driving, or not having your device truly “hands-free” in your vehicle here in Maine due to new rules that are now in place.

Local Area Gem Alert:

Who knows where Donnabeth Lippman Park is located? The fact is that many more people drive by this local gem of a location, than actually know where – and what – it is all about! As you either enter Windham from the west on Route 302, or, as you drive West from Windham on Route 302 towards us here in Naples, most everyone knows where the Sherwin Williams Paint store is located in Windham. Another landmark location is Applebees Restaurant. Right next to Sherwin WIlliams Paint Store – just to the east – is a road with a large stone pillar that indicates the very short road to Donnabeth Lippman Park. There is a great playground for the young kids, and the best thing about this park are the trails for waking your leased pet and hiking around a pond that too many people do not know is there! How many of you reading this blog right now, have visited this great resource for a before or after work walk?

Thank you for calling us here at Maine Real Estate Choice for all of your Real Estate needs here in the great Maine Lakes Region. We are all very blessed to be able to say that we live here – and if you do not have property here in the area: Why not?!? It is a great place to either hang your hat full-time, or at least during your favorite parts of the year.

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