As we enter June in our great Maine Lakes Region, it feels a lot more like entering a spring month vs a summer month. The week starts out consistent with the past couple of months with grey skies, and now is a good a time to talk about what to do on a rainy day in Maine. There are many things to do that are a short car ride or easy day trip away. Maine has two Casinos to visit, one close by up Rte 11 to Rte 26 north where Oxford Casino is located on the southern border of the town of Oxford. And there is Hollywood Casino in Bangor if you are visiting or passing through that area . There are many great museums, including the Portland Museum Of Art located in downtown Portland. A bit south from there in Kennebunkport you will find White Columns – formerly the Knott House – which chronicles the times spent at the White House and nearby Walkers Point by the Bush family. Maine has a rich heritage worldwide in Shipbuilding that continues to this day evidenced by The Brick Store Museum in Kennebunkport. There is no better shipbuilding museum then the one right next to the General Dynamics huge current shipbuilding facility – Bath Iron Works – in Bath Maine, where you will find the Maine Maritime Museum just south of the sprawling Navy Yard, a real treat on the historical original shipyard site for history buffs.
Less than an hour north from there in our state capital of Augusta you will find an awesome facility worth at least a couple of hours: The Maine State Museum is a must-see, located right next to the huge Maine State Capitol dome building – designed by Charles Bulfinch – on capitol street, flanked on the other side by The Blaine House, the official home of Maine’s governors since 1919. On March 15th in 1820, the District of Maine which had been a property of Massachusetts, officially became the 23rd State.
There is much to be learned about the our history of shipbuilding, textiles, shoes, forestry, lumber, fishing, and our State’s heritage. Get out and discover should you and your family be facing a grey day not suitable for hiking, boating or the beach. You will be glad that you did, as there are many great things to see and experience.
Make it a great week!