Our Sebago Lake region here in western south-central Maine is enjoying the first really nice weather that has occurred on a weekend this Spring, and as we all get out more to enjoy the area: Beware! With the cold nights and warm days now becoming the norm, some are saying this is the worst year in many for deep potholes and steep frost heaves.
So what are you options should a horrid pothole swallow your car and spit it back out with damage? If your car is drivable, and you are one of the 71% with collision coverage active on your car insurance, you can submit your damages to your insurance carrier as a claim. Before you do so, make sure you understand your deductible – many carry high deductibles of $1000 or more – and ask your carrier if your claim will make you subject to an increase in your rates. The most important thing to ask your carrier, is if they will they pursue – on your behalf – submitting a claim to the municipality or town that is responsible for the road where the vehicle sustained damage.
Whomever submits the claim, it appears the rules are that it must be proven that the municipality or town was aware of the pothole or frost heave when the damage took place.  It is always best to call your insurance carrier, and have a conversation with them about your situation.  No matter where you want to look at property, whether waterfront or mountain view, a vacation home, or that house that just went on the market, Everyone here at Anne Plumber & Associates will be happy to great options for your consideration.

Keep your eyes on the road, and enjoy the weather!