I Each year about this time everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice, located here in the heart of the Maine Sebago Lakes Region in Naples, Maine, wants to provide you some very friendly reminders, especially with so many people, locals and tourists alike, now enjoying the peak foliage season here in the area. We are only about a week away from the end of October, and with late October and early November each year we have some changes that take place each year that seem to creep up on us all, too quickly each year. And many of these reminders involve day to day safety issues that are worth writing down on a post-it-note and sticking on your dashboard! A week from Tuesday, for all of you and your family members who drive, we all need to pay extra special attention to the roads and streets and especially our own all-too-familiar neighborhoods when we rush home or rush out for something, as the streets will be filled with many young children out for Trick or Treats for Halloween who often tend to act unexpectedly, and it is getting darker earlier and earlier daily as we approach a week from Tuesday. Please take extra special caution driving your vehicle on Tuesday the 31st and again, sadly, most accidents that happen in neighborhoods, happen with drivers who live in their own neighborhood, and not from drivers from another area visiting that neighborhood. Also, a mere 4+ days after Halloween, on Saturday night early Sunday morning November 5th, we will be changing our clocks back. Remember, in the Fall, we “Fall Back One Hour” and in the Spring we “Spring ahead, we Spring Forward One Hour”. This means that at 2:00am on early Sunday morning, late Saturday night, it becomes 1:00am again on November 5th. Not this next weekend.  The weekend after Halloween.  Safety matters.  Do not text and drive.  Have your phone in a Hands-free situation as a driver, at all times.  Thank you.