This weekend marks the end of the Agricultural Fair season and the beginning of peak foliage season.  This is also one of the best times to be thinking about Real Estate opportunities.
As the leaves begin to turn color and to thin-out, we here at MaineRealEstate.ME remind you that this is a great time of year to both look at properties in places where you might be interested in living, and to also consider finding out what your property may now be worth, in today’s  marketplace.
As true with most markets in the country, ours also is in need of fresh new inventory, which is a bonus for both those considering selling and for buyers, as no one is expecting Real Estate Lending and Interest Rates to remain as low as they are, for much longer. This reality allows for a larger pool, of qualified buyers.
The reason this is such a great time to get going and investigate the possibilities – along with the realities of the marketplace – is that a property can “really be seen” as it will be, during the winter and early spring seasons with no leaves on the trees. It is not uncommon to have a new property owner experience their 1st winter season, only to realize that “their private view” is now either far from private, or maybe they do need to put up some curtains for privacy, due to neighbors or passing vehicles on the road, now also having a much clearer view.

Whether you are here visiting our Maine Lakes Region thanks to the beautiful fall foliage, or maybe a work responsibility has you In the area, you really should consider the value of either your primary or secondary residence being right here, with the opportunity to take advantage of many day-to-day natural joys, so close by.

We here at Anne Plummer & Associates may be the best phone call you’ve ever dialed..

Give us a try!!