Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice – located in the heart of the Maine Sebago Lakes Region – is thrilled about the slow yet steady turn of the season towards a much warmer spring this year. The days have been quite bright, clear, and the warmer trends we are seeing here during the daytime here in region are starting to slowly yet surely get us out of the overnight temperatures still below freezing. For those who may have picked some of the latest “Ice Out Predictions” in years and possibly ever, good for you, as this year is predicted to possibly break records on our many Lakes and Ponds as to when the last ice will finally disappear below the surface in 2018. Looking forward past the beginning of this week, there are no more overnights nor days starting with a temperature below freezing, and for us to be able to say that only as we approach the end of April, should give everyone reading an excellent idea why our many lakes and ponds here in the great Maine Sebago Lake region, are yet to experience ice out.
You can follow the ice out dates on your favorite Maine lake or pond here:


And now is an excellent time to really plan your spring cleanup and small projects for early spring for your yard, and your properties. It looks like we are finally turning the corner towards what will hopefully be a very short next season here in the region, which we affectionately call “mud season”.

And due to our daytime temperatures having been much more reasonable these last couple of weeks even though it has been chilly at night, the frost will not be coming out of the ground “all at once” which does happen in some seasons, and it looks like this year we will not have much of a difficult “mud season”.


Make it a great week!