This week be careful with your morning commute as area schools are back in session.  Most college students do not seem to be traveling back until the Martin Luther King Monday observance mid-month, which appears to be a common consensus this year. Just a quick reminder that many businesses – along with the Banks and Federal services like the Post Office – will be closed on Monday Jan. 18th in observance of the loss of Dr. King 47 years ago this spring. Those of you old enough to remember 1968 will recall a very different lifestyle: Instant access to communications, news, sports, weather, by a device we hold in most of our hands and a network of computers called the Internet was not on anyone’s radar. The first personal computers were still 15 years away then. We wrote letters and mailed them, to communicate to family and loved ones. An art form lost on many, I suggest the power of the handwritten note or letter to someone, is a valuable art worth working on.

We do have amazing opportunities here in the Maine Lakes Region thanks to technology and the Internet. Robust networks from several providers via wire-line and increasing competition is available in the wireless spectrums featuring increasingly powerful hand-held “smartphones” like the one this blog is often written with. Regardless of your age, technology is a tool worth embracing. Simple to learn, using technology to simplify your life makes great sense. Having a thirst for knowledge and self-education is a valuable discipline. Open and in the search box type _______ (any topic) + the word “Wiki”. You will be glad you did.
Utilize informational websites like to find the lowest price on home heating oil in this moment, as this week upcoming looks our coldest so far this winter. Seek applications like Gas Buddy to find the lowest price on gasoline where ever and when ever needed. Other simple to use free applications like MyFitnessPal allow you to look at the calorie content of every beverage and food item easily before you choose to consume it, and recording and tracking your weight and the benefits of every type of exercise – especially walking and shoveling snow as we will be doing late this season – has never been easier. You can learn how to fix most anything on Earth by opening www.YouTube. com and in the search box, type “Fix _______”. And most importantly, for all of your Maine Lakes Region Real Estate needs,
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