Topics I have heard duscussed this past week include “Where the heck has October gone?” and “What are you doing to celebrate Halloween this year?” Many adults are discussing plans to go out and enjoy a local area dance or public costume party – many are scheduled in our area – or to dress up in costumes and get together with friends and family privately. Our team here at Anne Plumber & Associates wants to remind everyone how much our little ones look forward to this holiday that falls this year on Monday, and there will be many excited children dressed-up and Trick-or-Treating in the dark that is now late afternoon, on a regular workday Monday commute home from work. Please everyone, drive extra attentively, especially as you approach and enter any neighborhoods on Monday the 31st late afternoon and early evening. Next to Christmas, there are few holidays that children look forward to more than Halloween, attempting to gather as much candy and treats as they possibly can. Remember, excited young children often act impulsively with zero regard for how their actions – often based on doing the exact opposite of a pleading parent – can get them in swift danger and put them in harms way. Please expect the unexpected, when driving Monday afternoon and evening. Not everyone dresses in bright colors and not everyone carries flashlights and bright glow sticks to help identify themselves when out Trick or Treating, and we would like to have zero reports of Halloween difficulties, especially here in the great Maine Lakes Region where we have many neighborhoods that are delightful for our trick or Treaters – young and older alike – to enjoy the annual tradition that is sharing treats with our neighbors.
Be safe, and enjoy this Holiday.
From everyone here at Anne Plumber & Associates, Happy Halloween, be safe and promote safety, and we will see you again in November!