Did you know in Bridgton, Maine, there is a park called the Pondicherry Park – it co-exists with Stevens Brook Trail? It is a wonderful walk and perfect for kids of all ages, just not stroller friendly but a two year old could easily walk these trails. It is about a two mile walk and offers beautiful bridges. If you have never walked the trails I suggest starting at the Magic Lantern parking lot and go from there (the big wooden bridge marks the spot). The trail will take you a couple different ways and are coded by different colored wooden leaves marked on trees; kids will love this task! There are also log benches along the trail that will make scrapbook worthy pictures! There are also foundations of old structures with little educational plaques at certain spots. The trails could be walked at any season; just during the mud season, as we call it (spring/late winter), you will want water-proof footwear and during the winter some snow shoes. Fantastic walk!