This weekend before Thanksgiving many are either planning for traveling to family, or preparing for family to arrive in the coming days. A common theme this year seems to be how quickly this Holiday season has approached for so many, this author included. Here in the Maine Sebago Lakes Region where we are blessed to live, work, and enjoy our lives, I suggest this may have a lot to do with the unusually warm weather in general we have enjoyed this fall, with a few cold days and our first few frosty mornings just recently behind us.

This year a very common theme I am seeing that makes a lot of sense, is to look closely at how a vast majority of us are tied to personal communication devices, whether it be a work laptop, an iPhone or an Android Smartphone, and how much this “constant touch” with social media, the news, weather, Email, can take us away from “the moment” and the people we are with. Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice wants each of you to have the best Holiday Season ever. Time spent with family isn’t always easy and as relaxing and fun as most would prefer, and unnecessary difficult feelings can result between people that really should only be focused on enjoying time together with family. To avoid difficulties, communicate and share clarity around what is reasonable as to responding to our devices we carry. We all know that too many people are going  to be sharing and posting pictures of the best pie and turkey, when in reality nothing is more important than whatever is happening in the moment you are in, with the people that we are blessed to be with. From all of us at Maine Real Estate Choice, have the happiest Thanksgiving ever. See you next week.