In reflecting on the general importance of this time of year in the Real Estate Industry – we are fast approaching the ‘traditional’ best time of year to sell a property, however many things are far from traditional due to the same situation the industry faced last year at this time: General softness as to available inventory. Homes, properties whether they be waterfront, water or mountain view – are no less challenging to find in abundance from an inventory perspective here in the Maine Lakes Region. New England as a region saw new homes sell quicker than ever this past year. Multiple offers on the same property in this market makes this the ideal time to sell a home or property. And everyone suggests that this trend will continue long past the traditional best months to sell which are traditionally in the Spring, as well as the trend for more-than-asking-price being a reality for many situations. National statistical data traditionally indicates that property sales in the month of May bring about a 1% premium to sellers, which is on average a $1700 increase above the other months of the year, however this entire last year has proven to disrupt this normal annual advantage due to both the general lack of inventory and speed to sale from listing date. And what is a normal trend, is that more people shop for homes when the weather turns nicer, increasing the pressure on inventory. We are often talking about this time of year being a good time to sell. This has been true traditionally, and what we are seeing and hearing is that no one is predicting any swift change to the Seller’s Market reality we find ourselves in.
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