Many people have mentioned this week that April seems to have passed quite quickly, despite this years delay in consistently warmer weather. However you might feel about this year’s weather so far and the non-typical transition from winter towards summer here in our great Maine Lakes Region, here comes the month of May. Remember on Monday at work it will be 05/01/2017 and we’ll say goodbye to April Showers until next year, and it’s time to welcome some flowers despite the chilly 40°’s and 50°’s temperatures predicted for the 1st full week of May. Along with the odd consistency of the weather, is the strength of how quickly homes, properties, land, waterfront, Waterview and Mountain View properties are receiving offers as soon as they are listed. Please call us today especially if you question why it is so important now for you to have the expertise of a great real estate team at your side as a savvy consumer, regardless if you are selling or purchasing in this marketplace. One of the key considerations is the complexities involved with a smooth, swift process because if you do not have everything in order, the odds of you winning-the-day as a purchaser in this age of an asking price offer often being insufficient to win the day is slim, and, as a seller if you are not handling multiple-offers in the proper manner, you may leave significant funds on the table in this sellers market.
The Maine Real Estate Choice team is dedicated to your success. We are not successful until you are successful. We want to talk to you. Give our team a try not just because we are the region’s fastest-growing Agency. Give us a try because we have the experience in the region to get you the best deal, and we are dedicated to your Real Estate experience being an excellent one!
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