Today is March 22nd and a lot has happened recently. We have sprung ahead with the clocks and the Calendar says spring is here, though with more snow, stiff winds, and consistent difficult weather it feels a lot more like winter here in the Maine Lakes Region still, than officially the spring that so far has proven to be elusive. Mud season is starting to raise its sometime difficult head however it is more like a bit of frozen ruts here and there, as we all look forward to spring. Due to personal loss since the last blog post here, I want to focus your thoughts on a very simple concept. Your bucket list. What is really important to you and those you love, as you plan the rest of your life? And how much time do you feel you have, to accomplish things that are important to you? First and foremost, do you have a bucket list? Spending as much time together with family on lakefront property each summer, mattered to us. When you really look at the facts, we all have a lot less time that we think to spend quality time doing things we want to do, with those we value the most in our lives. Let’s say you are middle-aged and you feel you have 30 good years left. That’s just under 11,000 days. That’s about 1564 weekends. You will spend at least 33% of the time you have left sleeping, no matter what. On average an additional 12% will be spent eating. Even on weekends. That is about ½ of the time we all have left. Add in showering / bathroom time in general, household chores, exercise, general provisions, shopping, banking, paying bills, and when you look at the time we all have available to really do something memorable: Let us help you spend less time thinking about a memorable spot to enjoy your life. We are blessed to be able to enjoy our natural resources in the Maine Lakes Region. Let our team help you find that perfect spot to really enjoy your day-to-day. Or your quality time. Or Both. Call us today. Let us help you make each day, count.