It’s a very subtle time of year, with students back in school full-time with Labor Day now a week behind us.

It is, and it certainly will be warm enough for summertime activities like going to the Beach, swimming in the lake, boating, hiking and in general enjoying the outdoors for several weeks to come on certain days.

But there is an interesting shift in perspective for most everyone when the sun starts to set on or before 7:00pm as we are starting to see.

Whether you are a fan of professional football or not, the numbers as to individuals who change their schedules to watch their favorite teams play, many doing so in groups and with others, really is staggering.

Each game that is televised on TV, whether Sunday Night as we just witnessed the Bucs beating the Cowboys tonight, or Monday Night, or Thursday night, or one of the many televised games each Sunday: The viewership for EACH NFL game, averages 17.1 Million viewers.. and yes that is a per game average, for the viewers for each televised NFL game. And many who watch the NFL regularly, also take in college games which happen both weeknights and Saturdays. 

Think about the changes in habits that bring that many people to a screen for 3 hours per game watched – not to mention the thousands of fans who invest full days or evenings or more traveling a stadium each week, tailgating, and seeing these games in person. For many investing in season tickets and seeing the games live “at home” this is a very serious commitment! 

I expect that many of you reading this blog could care less about the NFL or college football, however I believe it is important to understand the subtle differences in certain things from now until school ends in May and June, that become “more routine” for many individuals – which has a direct effect emotionally and realistically as to how individuals perceive and act on “Change” in their lives.  Change seems to flow differently for many from May to September, in comparison to the summer months that are now coming to a close.

For those of us dedicated to making sure that our valuable clients have an excellent and positive Real Estate experience, it matters to do our best to understand and ask sellers and buyers alike to discuss what matters most to them. This question covers a lot of ground of course, but it should include understanding when and how, is the best time communicate with those we serve and when not to reach out for non-emergency correspondence.

The term “Fan” is short for someone who is a fanatic, who acts in a fanatical way, towards something that they really enjoy. Whether sports or music or dance or any of the Arts:

Knowing your client’s likes and dislikes matters, especially when it comes to having a mutually positive experience together!

From all of us at Maine Real Estate Choice:  Make it a great week!