In picking the subject matter and thoughts about this week’s blog, sadly the subtitle “And wear a warm hat and gloves” is a prudent suggestion, at least for this week approaching. This weekend here in the Maine Lakes Region we are experiencing the coldest temperatures we have experienced so far this winter, and it would be a blessing to hope that early morning temperatures near 20° below zero (yes, -20°!) in our major urban lake towns – with wind chill readings in the mountains ranging between seventy and eighty degrees below zero – might be the worst of this season. Next week the evening lows are projected to be much warmer, with Tuesday daytime temperatures approaching 50° which will be an almost eighty degree increase in warmth. The reason we recommend looking at house lots and land right now is a combination of factors. If you look at historical interest rates the experts in the field suggest that the increases in interest rates have not yet occurred as expected, and advantages to buyers, borrowers and builders have rarely been this attractive. This is also the absolute best time of year to view and walk property. The advantages of seeing everything that you are going to see from every spot on a property can only occur during this short timeframe each year when there is no foliage on the trees. It is also now much easier to get together and visit a property towards the end of a standard work day in the late afternoon and still have enough daylight now to enjoy not having to take valuable time away from work or a weekend day, to look for that special mountain view, water view, waterfront or lakefront property for you and your family.  Call us today!  You will be glad you did!!