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Please always remember that it is our goal and pleasure to assist you with all of your Real Estate needs.  We hope that you will look towards us and our experienced team, anytime that you, a family member, or a friend is considering moving, buying, or parting with any home or property. There is no reason to wait as the days of a “Prime Real Estate Season” is now a thing of the past. There truly is no better-or-worse time of year to either sell or purchase, due to the nature of today’s market. We hope that you will call us if there might be anything that we can assist you with! (207) 693-5200

With it now being less than two weeks to Thanksgiving here in the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region, we have enjoyed some great fall weather and it’s time to finish up any winterizing and getting those final outdoor fall projects completed prior to consistent cold weather, which appears to be fast approaching.  With at least some sleet, snow, and winter weather in the nearby forecast, even if fleeting, that reality seems to quickly follow news reports of the regional Ski areas “firing up their snow-making guns” on the slopes.  And wouldn’t you know it, those regional news reports happened this weekend! Consistent temperatures dropping below freezing are predicted for overnights, with the daytime temperatures now struggling to reach over the 50 degree mark, during these shortened days of ever decreasing daylight. We are now less than a month away from the shortest day of the year.

  The Holidays can be both joyous and yet also stressful for many, due to the decreasing daylight in our day to day lives, so please remember this fact and keep this top of mind, in all of our professional and personal relationships.
Each of us here at Maine Real Estate Choice wants only the best for you and your family, and here are some important Fall tips for you. Any outdoor projects that 
you may want to accomplish prior to spring, there are only a few possible days remaining forecasted with good day warmth. Same with yard cleanup, now that the trees have shed their leaves. It is also time to tune-up our snowblowers and snow removal equipment. Double-check your home heating oil tanks and your heating systems as we are now into heating season. 

And as you read this, if you are at all considering purchasing, selling, or looking at property: Remember, there truly is no better time than right now.


    Because you will see all property views exactly and how any property will be seen by others, due to the total lack of foliage cover, from mid-November through April. So do not hesitate to call us, or Email us, if we can be of service to you!.
       Make it a great week!