The calendar says that Spring is now with us, and this weekend it appears we are thankfully missing any significant snow that was forecast earlier in the week for some slush, sleet, and rain that will very soon melt away, thanks to the growing warmth and power of the Sun each day, this last full week of March now being ahead of us.

Due to the difficult weather at times, it does feel like winter is trying to hang on here in our great Maine Lakes Region, with Spring being elusive often these days. We are starting to see “The Fifth Season” now though, which here in Maine is “Mud Season”! It varies each year in its intensity and duration, and with the snowpack receding at what appears to be a normal rate, we can expect mud season for the near term, as the frost continues to leave the ground slowly.  During an average maine winter according to the Maine Almanac we will not see our last “nightly freeze” until the middle of May on average which is still six or seven weeks away, and this year of 2023 the prediction is even a bit later with May 22nd being the predicted last overnight of temperatures reaching down to 32° or lower. But the mud and frost will be long gone, way before then thankfully due to much warmth and growth prior to then.
For those of you not in the regional “know” the Farmers Almanac is available digitally online here:
And the Almanac gives you many search categories for your location, for instance when to plant your flowers and vegetable gardens, and solid expectations for long range weather predictions, and much more. Here is the history behind the Farmers Almanac, a fascinating publication and treasured local source of annual information:
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