The Full Moon starts the last final week of January 2016 on the 24th, and if you participate in the summer Beach To Beacon race in Cape Elizabeth annually – started by our Olympic champion Joan Benoit Samuelson – you only have six weeks before sign up on March 10-11.  Just a reminder as this year starts off quickly, we’ll be through the more difficult parts of winter before we all know it. Unless you profit from high oil prices, there are few complaints of home heating oil and gasoline pricing here in the Maine Lakes Region being at record low levels. The amount of snow removal we have experienced vs other areas of our country have been oddly unique so far this season, to our benefit again, unless snow removal is a core component of your business. We are only a month away from one of our most popular annual events with the Sebago Lakes Ice Fishing Derby the last weekend in February and please check out this year’s online and mobile-friendly site with the agenda and significant prize information, such as $150,000.00 for a record togue:

Shawnee Peak has a 16″ – 24″ base and day and night skiing conditions just up the road are available here:

and anyone with zero athletic skills can find outdoor fun for themselves and their family outdoors sliding swiftly downhill here in Windham:

Here at the office we would like to suggest that if you are considering any real estate changes, or you are simply curious about the possibilities, there is no better time to begin your investigation into the possibilitlies than now.  Lot and property full-view is in peak season.  It’s a great time to rejoice in the blessings of our true four season living here in the Maine Lakes Region so if you are reading this as a visitor or as a thankful resident, make time to grab a friend or family member, and either come see us, or get out and enjoy!