This coming weekend, will somehow already find us in early February 2019 here in our great Sebago Lakes Region of Maine. Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice wants you to know and believe how amazing the Real Estate market still is, right now, yes in the winter. Many years past, it may have been true and frugal to wait until late March, or April, or May to consider listing a property or home to obtain your best value. The same is not true in today’s market which is still absolutely first and foremost, a very strong sellers market, which now slowly and surely is building more inventory for buyers to have more and more choices. Great and top value continues to occur regardless of the month showing on the calendar, and thankfully we are not as often seeing the crazy “only on the market for hours” or less than a day – which certainly can occur, however it is no longer the norm which we’ve all witnessed in the last couple of years. Here are important steps to help you, help yourselves if you are buying or selling. Buyers: Get yourselves pre-qualified. There are many sellers who will not even entertain an offer, unless the buyer has a pre-qualified status. And if you are a potential seller: It matters a lot to “trust the statistics”. It is important to understand and agree with the current market analysis, which will be accurate based upon recent sold prices in your Neighboorhood. Few things are more important than getting the listing price accurate, for all parties, when the time is right for you to go to market. And remember: that time is not at all currently dependent, on what the calendar says. We as a team really enjoy listening to what is most important to you – as either a buyer or a seller – and bringing our wealth of collective knowledge to you and your advantage brings us great joy and satisfaction. No team of realtors exceeds our collective desire to provide to you and yours, with the best Real Estate experience possible. Give us a try. You will be glad that you did!