Well, the long Labor Day weekend is upon us. The weather looks good for Saturday and Sunday however the hurricane that is charging up the Eastern seaboard, leaving much rain and a mess in our Southeastern and coastal states, is supposed to slow down and sit off the New England coast on Monday into Tuesday.
There were reports that the traffic coming into Maine today, Saturday morning, was very heavy so there will be a lot of people and automobiles headed southbound at the end of this Labor Day weekend. Based on the poor weather for several of our southern New England states scheduled for tomorrow, that makes great sense. And for those of us who have lived in these parts most of our lives, it is suggested that if you are here visiting, that you understand and remember how long it can take, to leave the state southbound, especially at the end of a long holiday weekend.
With that said, it does look like Sunday into Monday will be much better weather in these parts, than in southern New England.

There is a great annual event, that always ends on labor day each year, which has been going on all this week, about an hour north of here. If you are anywhere near Central Maine, the great Windsor Fair is absolutely worth a visit, if your travels have you in that area, just east of Augusta.

If you’re hanging out in this region, due to the fact that it is getting dark closer to 8 o’clock with the sunsetting now closer to 7 PM,  if you can find a spot with no lights, and good open space to do some stargazing, from personal experience,  there have been a few shooting stars to be seen.  Do not forget to enjoy the simple things, that this region has for all of us to enjoy!
Whatever your plans are for this long holiday weekend, everyone here at Anne Plummer & Associates wishes you and yours a safe, and a very happy Labor Day Weekend!