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North Pond, Norway

North Pond, located in North Norway, is well-populated with camps and cabins on the south end, but also has its wild side. North Pond spreads over 273 acres of surface area, but only has a maximum depth of 10 feet. Its water quality is rated as "below average".

The water level in the pond is regulated by a small dam at its outlet and there is a public boat launch. However, boating is restricted to small fishing boats, canoes and kayaks. Many warm water fish species populate the lake including smallmouth and largermouth bass, pickerel, perch, and brown trout.

Michael Perry, former Director of Outdoor Discovery Schools at LL Bean writes, "One of the most beautiful ponds in the area is North Pond. Think of it as being shaped like a skinny hourglass. While the southern half has many log cabins tucked into the forest shadows, the northern end is wild and untouched . . . civilization seems far removed. Plan three to four hours for a circuit of the whole pond, or two hours, if you plan to stay on the north end of the pond."