Here are the latest figures about activity in the Sebago Lakes Region regarding the sale of residential lakefront property as of June 11, 2011. The area covers 20 towns and 60 lakes and ponds.

Current number of lakefront residential properties listed for sale, by price:
under $300k – 97
$300k to $500k – 132
$500k to $1 mil – 90
over $1 mil – 26
total – 345

Lakefront properties sold year-to-date by listing price:
under $300k – 18
$300k to $500k – 9
$500k to $1 mil – 9
over $1 mil – 2
total -38

Lakefront properties currently pending, i.e. under contract, not yet closed:
Under $300k – 13
$300k to $500k – 8
$500k to $1 mil – 7
over $1 mil – 2
total – 30

If you are a seller these numbers are not very encouraging as there is such a high inventory of lakefront homes for sale in relation to the number of solds or pending sales. Conversely, if you are a buyer, there’s tons of inventory from which to choose in a market that has beaten down prices and low lending rates.

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