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Keoka Lake, Waterford

Keoka Lake in Waterford is 462 acres in size, has a maximum depth of 42 feet, and has a water quality rating of “slightly above average” as determined by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. One hundred shorefront lots ring the perimeter of this lake that measures about 4.5 miles.

According to the local Lakes Environmental Association, Keoka Lake was originally called Thomas Pond, after Thomas Chamberlain who supposedly hid under a rock along the shore when he was chased by Native Americans. The northwestern side of the lake was settled in the late 1700s and soon became know as “The Flat”.

Keoka Lake’s gravel and boulder shoreline provides excellent habitat for both smallmouth and largemouth bass. Although brook trout is stocked annually, oxygen levels in the deep, cool water during August and September are often below levels needed to sustain a healthy trout population. Keoka also supports populations of yellow perch, chain pickerel, hornpout, smelt, eel, white sucker, minnows and pumpkinseed sunfish.

The northwest end of Keoka Lake sits at the edge of Waterford “Flat”, one of the prettiest little New England villages around. This corner of the lake is also where you’ll find the public beach and boat launch. Nearby find the hiking trail for Mount Tir’em, just up the street from the Congregational Church.

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