18 Olde Village West, Naples, Maine 04055
Intersection of 302 & 11

Kezar Lake, Lovell

Area – 2,510 acres, Maximum depth – 155 feet

Located in Lovell Twp., Oxford Co. There are two boat launching areas available on Kezar Lake, one on the North Lovell end and one at the “Narrows”. Kezar Lake is rather unique in that it provides satisfactory fishing for three species of coldwater fish and several warm- water species. Of the three coldwater species, probably hand- lining for smelts is the most popular.

During the hottest part of the summer salmon fishing is usually at its lowest ebb because salmon are then in deep water and seem content to feed on the large numbers of smelts that are available to them.

The period between late June and mid-September when fishing for salmon is slowest, is the best time to fish for bass, white perch, and pickerel. Large populations of all these game fish are present and exceptionally large fish are commonly caught.

Principal Fishery: Salmon, lake trout, small mouth bass, white perch, chain pickerel, smelt, Lake trout have become well established at Kezar and they are beginning to enter the fishery in good numbers. These deep-dwelling trout can best be caught during open- water fishing by either trolling close to the bottom with a sewed-on bait, or by anchoring and jigging for them with a cut bait or a threaded-on smelt. In the winter-time they are most successfully. caught by jigging with cut bait or threaded-on smelt, but some’ anglers are successful with conventional ice traps and live bait. Salmon are present in large numbers in Kezar Lake and they are maintained by natural reproduction in Great Brook and Mill Brook and by an annual stocking program.

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