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Sand Pond, Norway

Sand Pond in Norway is tucked out of the way off a country road and offers privacy, scenery, and solitude. While Sand Pond is relatively small in size, measuring 136 acres, it has a significant depth at 56 feet. Its mean depth is 22 feet and the pond measures 2.2 miles around its perimeter. The Maine Department of Environmental Protection rates its water quality as “above average”.

Because of its depth, you can find find brook trout in its waters, but most of the fish found here are of the warmer water species – piickerel, chub, sunfish, yellow perch, and smallmouth bass. The inlet of Sand Pond is a popular spot to dip smelts in the spring. There is no public access to Sand Pond.

Since 1971, the pond has been monitored from May to September by the Lake Association of Norway, who oversee the water quality of all four lakes and ponds in Norway – Sand Pond, North Pond, Norway Lake (Lake Pennesseewassee) and Hobbs Pond (Little Pennesseewassee).

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