18 Olde Village West, Naples, Maine 04055
Intersection of 302 & 11

Trickey Pond Maine Real Estate

Trickey Pond in Naples is about a mile and a half long and a half mile wide and covers 315 acres in surface area. It is 4.8 miles around its perimeter, has a maximum depth of 57 feet, and has a water quality rating of “excellent” from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, its highest rating.

The local Lakes Environmental Agency says that the water is not only clean, but clear, ranking it at the top of the list of the water bodies they monitor for clarity. They surmise that this is due to the minimal watershed that feeds into the pond and that most water enters through underground springs where the water would get “filtered”.

Trickey Pond is home to two campgrounds and many seasonal and year round homes and cottages. Its proximity to the Naples Causeway, the Naples Golf Course, and many area amentities, make it a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.

For its size, Trickey Pond offers the fisherman a variety of sportfish and is managed for both coldwater and warm water species. Find here landlocked salmon, brook trout, lake trout, and splake. Smallmouth bass are the primary warm water sport fish, but you will also find largemouth bass, pickerel, shiners, suckers, hornpout, and sunfish.

While its neighbor to the south, Sebago Lake, gets all the attention, Trickey Pond maintains its low profile while providing its visitors with very high quality water and the recreational opportunities that go along with it.

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