This coming week is somehow already the last full week of January 2018. There is much focus on weather conditions, odd mid-winter flooding and re-freezing, playoff games getting to the Super Bowl which will be played on Sunday February 4th this year. Kickoff is traditionally around 6:30pm EST although the exact time of kickoff has not yet been determined, with the musical Halftime extravaganza this year being headed by Justin Timberlake.

This is a time of Year often focused on rebirths and new starts, for many individuals. New Year’s resolutions are being worked hard right now still by some, while many people are regrouping and figuring out the very best way to productively make positive changes, towards making the most of 2018.
If you are at all interested in any Real Estate activity this year – looking to acquire property, or to sell land or any properties this year, now is the time to reach out to us here at Maine Real Estate Choice in Naples Maine, located in the heart of the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region. Whether you are thinking about selling, or you might want to see if that “just perfect spot for you” is available out there, this is the absolute best time of year to start your process, a fact true for many reasons this year. The market is hot. There is no doubt about that still.  Things that you might wait to do – either buying or selling – are happening year Round right now and with the Holidays just behind us, many are moving full speed ahead now when they might have waited until Springtime in other years. You can also best “see” any property fully, at this time of year, thanks to the least amount of foliage happening right now and increasing daylight hours for easier viewing.
We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and have you, too, learn why the experience and the expertise that our staff possesses, is such a true asset to you here, in the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region! Call us today!!

You will be glad that you did.
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