There is a nationwide housing crisis, and things are no different here in Maine, when it comes to the fact that there are more people looking for housing, then there is available housing, let alone “affordable“ housing, whether that is property currently for sale, or for rent.

The state of Maine is strongly advocating extensive loosening of municipal zoning restrictions statewide, and we want you to have the mindset and the understanding that there may be potential future income possibilities with any property that you’re considering, that would not have been a possibly, just a very short time ago.

Here is a link to legislation that was forwarded just three weeks ago in Augusta, indicating that the State of Maine government is strongly advocating for managing zoning restrictions, to allow for the construction and the building a second homes on existing properties, and just as important for the majority homeowners, the ability to add-on and/or construct an In-law and/or Income apartment to your existing home or current multi-unit structure, allowing for rapid additional housing – and for many, consistent additional income.

When you read this bill, you will find that a new state agency has been established in Augusta to review all permits, as to increasing housing in Maine: The Municipal Housing Development Permit Review Board, which is to be responsible for the review of municipal housing development permit decisions.

Maine is by far not the only state taking strides to ease housing shortages, and there is a long standing statement that says “As goes Maine, so goes the Nation” however local and state government issues can often be complicated and stay tuned as to how this current movement to increase housing for Maine, in Augusta, will affect everyone here in Maine as to their Real Estate options, and go-forward decisions.