This weekend on Saturday the 24th there is a great free fun family festival in Windham – North Windham for you long timers! – aptly named simply the Windham Summer Fun Festival. The parade is at 10:00am followed by a day of many options for activities for young and old alike. Here is some information:



As you can see in this schedule of events, there is a lot of music and entertainment capped off by fireworks in the evening:

And from personal experience the music and bands are top-notch!

Find all this and more, here:

Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice wants to make sure that you, your family and friends have a great time this summer, and safety matters. We hope that this simple reminder helps, to not allow yourself or any family member or friend drive if there is any question of safety due to any possible impairment.

One of the biggest proven impairments is having your cell phone within reach when you are behind the wheel. This week on Tuesday, the Maine State Legislature passed a bill headed to the Govenor’s office to ban all but hands free use – you can still talk on the phone using Bluetooth / speaker / phone not in your hand only, however any texting will be a violation of a $75 fine 1st offense, 2nd offenses $150 within 3 years, with provisions for license suspension and loss of license for repeat offenders. The bill was passed in the house and senate in part due to research like this: AAA nationwide has reviewed dozens of traffic safety studies, which suggests that any use of a mobile device increases a vehicle crash risk by up to four times, while the use of a hand-held phone, especially if it is being used to text, can increase the crash risk by a factor of 23. Maine would join Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire in banning hand-held devices. The legislatures in Rhode Island and Massachusetts are contemplating similar bills.

So be aware, be safe, and get out and enjoy this wonderful summer here in our great Maine Lakes Region!