There are several things that are different about Real Estate in our great Maine Lakes Region this year, than in recent years past. A focus for this week’s blog – now that the kids have completed dressing-up and making their annual rounds and we are storing away the Halloween decorations, lawn mowers and outdoor furniture for the season, while starting to tune-up snowblowers and winter equipment – is that we want you to think differently this season, when it comes to Real Estate.
Here is why:
There is still a real demand for inventory. We have no idea how long the current trend of the number of people seeking to purchase will continue to outnumber – still greatly in comparison – the number of homes, waterfront, lakefront, land and lots available for sale in this, and many other regions. Yet these are today’s facts, which are coupled with historic low lending interest rates. Like those who focus on stocks and bonds, we have no idea how long a current trend can or will continue. The only thing that is guaranteed: Is change. Certainly, the Fed and interest rates will play a role in whatever is in our collective future. We hope that you will call us now, and we absolutely welcome you to stop by our office on Route 302 in Naples as well, located directly across 302 at the intersection from Route 11, you can’t miss our Anne Plummer & Associates Headquarters. Here is why you should stop by, whether you are a “traditional” thinker when it comes to the “best times to buy and sell” Real Estate, or not : There are many who are still looking for that ideal spot in our great Maine Lakes Region, for many traditional reasons:  Downsizing, family growth, it is time for that special weekend or vacation property for the family on or near the water.. and the fact is more people did not purchase during this “traditional” season simply due to the fact that all Realtors – residential and commercial brokers – had much lower inventories to work from. Demand is still high. Available inventory is still low. So our suggestion is, even if you are a “traditional” thinker in that you don’t want to bother to consider selling your property until Spring: Not only is it no bother, we strongly suggest it is in your best interest to investigate the possibilities at this time. Call us today. A wise person once told me that “Inaction, is definitely an action, and it is THE action that most often leads to regret”.
The real beauty in talking with us: The only downside to you, is not stopping by or giving us a call!

Out goal is for you to be glad, that you did.
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