Welcome to the first Maine Real Estate Choice blog of 2023! The focus of todays blog, prior to most of us returning to work on Tuesday thanks to Monday being a Bank holiday this year, will be about strong foundations and positive ideas, more than Resolutions.  Please don’t think that a dedicated resolution or two is a bad thing because it certainly is not.  Having a resolution or two, whether that be adding an activity or stopping doing something in your life, is a very positive mindset that needs to be followed up with action. An early January 2023 suggestion that may make the most sense, while using a Football reference, is more about Blocking and Tackling than it is about specific Resolutions. Think Fundamentals. Think Simplification.  This is a great time for each of us to take a deep breath, look straight into a mirror, and take a long look with thankfulness for everything that we are blessed with and dedicate yourself to having  a Daily focus on basics.. on keeping it simple.

Remember that goals do matter, so Write Them Down! Take a piece of paper or a whiteboard each week with columns with these headers: 1) Annual Goals 2) Weekly Goals) 3 Your Daily Goals. Take a couple of minutes in the morning and Write Them Down everyday. And make every single Goal a realistic one for the timeframe.. Daily each day, and once a week write a few Weekly Goals, and weekly, reWrite your annual goals.  At the bottom of your Weekly and Annual columns you can track positive movement.  This is a great way to realistically realize weight loss as an example. This is a very positive step by step way, to achieve many small steps that will allow you to reach significant goals, over time! Everyone here at Maine real Estate Choice wants to help you today, this week, this month, this year, with any and all of your Estate Goals! Call us at 207-693-5200. You will be glad that you did!
Good luck, make it a great week and a great year!