In discussing events in the area, this is the time of the season where everyone is realizing that their opportunity to enjoy summer fun is rapidly coming to a close.. Especially wanting to be able to enjoy time with family prior to school starting up. Many students are already involved in preseason sports activities this week, with the dreaded double sessions for those playing football and early arrival on college campuses for student athletes taking place in this timeframe.
Here in our delightful Maine Lakes Region, the many lakefront and waterfront owners that we serve – especially those who own that are here visiting that do not live in those properties year round – are enjoying a stretch of delightful weather, with many wanting to maximize their memories of this summer. There are a couple of annual events this weekend that are well worth a short travel to, to help you accomplish those goals.
A short drive north taking Route 11 from Naples or jumping on the Maine Turnpike in Gray, provides you the opportunity this weekend to enjoy the Great Falls Balloon Festival in Lewiston. If you have not attended a 6 AM, or a 6 PM multi-balloon launch, you are missing out on a wondrous experience. Here is the schedule of events for this weekend:

And for those of you with Scottish heritage, A trip to Brunswick’s sister city Topsham where the Maine Highland gamesWill be taking place at the Topsham fairgrounds this Saturday, August 20th. Here is a link to the brochure and the schedule of events click below,  then on the more information link,  then click where it says “here” for the schedule PDF:

If you are contemplating whether to spend your time closing up your camp or vacation property, versus getting out and enjoying the many things there are to do here in the Maine Lakes region: There are several local companies who will assist you with closing up for the season. Take advantage of that opportunity, seek them out, and get out and enjoy this beautiful weather!