And as somehow we are all now looking behind us at the 15th September 2016 , here are some realities in our Maine Lakes Region when it comes to what we do best: All of your Real Estate needs here in the great Maine Lakes Region.
It is still a buyers market, and it looks like it may remain this way for some time to come. We see no end in sight on this trend, at this point.
If you have been considering “testing the waters” on seeking an evaluation of the potential financial value of your lakefront, waterfront, water access, or Mountain View property here in the region, this is definitely the time to do so. We expect you will be astounded at the levels of value that are being achieved.. And swiftly. Inventory is still very low, and the time that properties are remaining on the market prior to firm offer commitment and acceptance, is still trending at record short timeframes.
Unlike the middle of summer when we can show properties well into the evening, we will be at the halfway point between the longest day of the year to the shortest day of the year for daylight, this coming week on Wednesday, September 21. We very much enjoy showing you property after work, and having your property shown in the evenings, however we need to be wrapping that up for outside lot, land, and grounds viewing by 7 o’clock in the evening these days and that time is only going to move earlier as the days progress.
We want to help you find that perfect spot here in out region, whether it is for your primary full-time residence, or for that perfect spot to have family gather and enjoy the many blessings our region has to offer.
Call us today.
You will be glad that you did!