In the last ten days average 30 year fixed Mortgage Interest Rates dropped from just under 5.6% to just over 5.4% which sparked  a lot of activity in new mortgage movement and especially home refinance sectors with many waiting to refinance once rates eased a bit, which they did last week.

  This is positive for our industry and great news for anyone looking to purchase a home.  This is also very good news for many of you thinking about downsizing, or moving into a larger home due to family growth, or simply selling your property with your next steps being lowering maintenance responsibilities and simplifying your lives towards more of a retirement living scenario being best for you.
  We can help.  This is our mission here at Maine Real Estate Choice.  Our diverse and experienced team of agents are ready to help you with you Real Estate needs.  Give us a call today, our number here in the great Maine Lakes Region is (207) 693-5200.