As a species we have been celebrating Mom’s since the known origins of mankind. The Greeks and The Romans in ancient times celebrated Mother’s Day by honoring Cybele, Goddess of Mother Earth and Fertility, and Rhea, the mother to the Gods. Anna Jarvis over 100 years ago started the Mother’s Day we celebrate today, convincing Congress to recognize the holiday, founding Mother’s Day International and she trademarked the phrase “Mother’s Day” wanting to honor her mother who had been devoted to improving conditions for all Civil War soldiers. She was later arrested in 1948 for protesting against Mother’s Day, being upset at how commercialized it had become. Worldwide it’s considered the 3rd most important Holiday, behind Christmas and Easter. Typically more phone calls are made on Mother’s Day Sunday than any other Sunday each year, and often second only to Christmas with the USA alone in the 122 Million call range. And oddly, the word for “mother” in the vast many languages on earth, begins with the letter “M”.

When it comes to the many various ways and typical annual dates the many countries on Earth celebrate Moms and women, there is interesting information available here:

Here in the Maine Lakes Region, boat wraps are coming off, many docks are going-in this weekend or are already in, and many a summer camp will be visited this weekend that may not have seen humans since late fall. Another Holiday we celebrate in the month of May falls later in the month, typically on Monday of the 22nd or 23rd week each year: Memorial Day is swiftly approaching. That is the time when things start ramping-up in our region for summer activity, with things in full swing a month to 5 weeks later during the 4th of July festivities. And if you are interested in where there may be a Fireworks display any time of the year in Maine, simply enter a date range here:


However you choose to celebrate, everyone here at Anne Plummer & Assoiciates wishes you and all the moms in the Maine Lakes Region and beyond, a very Happy Mother’s Day!