Now is a great time to be aware of the many seasonal rentals that are coming up, many this week, and remember that there will be many more in the coming weeks!

It was a rainy Labor Day here in the Lakes Region here in Maine, and many summer businesses, especially those that are located in places like the Causeway in Naples and other seasonal summer-focus areas, have had summer workers who are now either back to school, or who are moving towards their next job as the summer season of 2022 now is coming to an end.

And we have many, many people this week, and in the weeks to come, who are now or very soon will be listing their “winter rentals” and the time IS now, to look, visit, and grab a deal if you can find one, of winter season rentals starting now (or soon) typically through the end of May 2023.  You can find some occasional Gems just by walking or driving the streets and roads finding locally posted signage, as well as looking at the blooming lists of seasonal rentals in the trades which now includes many listings in FaceBook Marketplace.. If you do not have a FaceBook profile, the FB Marketplace is an excellent reason for you to create one, to leverage the many individuals and business owners who use the Marketplace and its many different FaceBook Marketplace categories, as their primary source of doing business.. including seasonal Real Estate rentals!

   Remember to drive extra-safely this week on our local roads, as we are now fully in Back-To-School mode here in the Lakes Region.  Let’s make it a great and safe fall season and from all of us here at Maine Real Estate Choice, let’s make it a great week!