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New Beginnings

This first full week of June brings all of us to a time where so many families are celebrating – Likely your own as the odds are in favor of someone in your connected family being promoted or graduating from High School or College in this timeframe. I am supplying an inspirational link at the end of this blog for you to absorb and share, from an unlikely speaker of important perspective and very wise words, as created and delivered by Jim Carry the Comedian and actor.
This is a commencement address worth watching, absorbing, sharing, and taking to heart. It speaks to setting lofty goals and believing in yourself. Doing what you love, loving what you do with thanks, and without fear, as life often proves, is easier said, than done.
Everyone should do their best each day, and this inspirational speech is worth sharing with your family and friends as it defines a roadmap for what success is really all about. This speech is full of values that matter, values that each of us here at Ann Plummer & Associates hold dear as to meeting and exceeding your needs each day for Real Estate, waterfront, water view, and mountain view property and homes here in our Maine Lakes Region. Are you thinking about selling? Buying something new that is just right for you now, and better fits your needs? Dare to dream. We will help you make those dreams come true. New beginnings are for everyone, not only for our celebrated graduates amongst us at this blessed time of the year.
Everyone should watch this speech.. and everyone that you care about, should see this as well. Watch, share, and Enjoy!