The summer Holidays come swiftly after the Solstice, with the long 4th of July Holiday falling on a Monday just over a week from now. There are way too many fireworks displays to discuss here, however the State of Maine provides this link where you can look at every display of any size that is happening statewide:

And as we look towards the long range weather forecast here in the Maine Lakes Region we find that other than a few likely showers and the chance of some thunderstorms mid-week, if the forecasters have any luck on their and our side we will be enjoying daytime temperatures into the low 80’s and great sleeping weather with nighttime temps consistently in the low 50’s, right through and beyond Tuesday, July 5th.

For those from away who may not understand the consistently difficult traffic patterns of the region, there are a couple of weekly events that make sense to try and avoid if possible.  Traveling westward on route 302 between 3:30pm and 7:30pm on Fridays from Portland to and through our great Maine Lakes Region can be a challenge, as can traveling eastward on Sunday’s – or Mondays if a long 3 day weekend – anytime after early afternoon and before dark.

Thankfully it takes quite a while for us to notice much change in the days getting shorter as they do from June 22nd to December 22st, and the evenings have been consistently delightful so far this season, and we suggest it is a great idea to book an extra day in these parts whenever possible.  Coming up for a long weekend either by arriving a day early or staying through a Monday has many advantages, including being able to avoid the consistently difficult Route 302 slowdowns.  We hope you will visit us at our Naples, ME office right across from the intersection of routes 11 and 302 for any assistance or questions, as our seasoned and friendly staff welcome the opportunity to assist you with any and all of your Real Estate needs.

Make it a great week, and find a way to enjoy a long weekend coming up!