It is an interesting weekend, starting off with an event that happens every 30 to 40 months – about every three years – as “Once In A Blue Moon” does have real significance in life. A Blue Moon is a very real, tangible event, where in a single calendar month, there is a true Full Moon, twice in that same month, the second full moon of that same month being fairly rare, the ” Blue Moon”. With an average life expectancy in the USA now between 78 and 79 years, if we are lucky we will witness 25 or 26 of these “Blue Moons” in our lifetime. I challenge you to experience what 4 of us just did, which is to watch a moonrise from the horizon, preferably the moon rising out of the ocean as we here in the east are blessed to be able to experience, as we did this “Blue Moon” Friday starting at 8:02pm. As many times as I have witnessed the speed of our Earth’s rotation by watching the moon or sun rise or set, it is somehow always fascinating to me how much faster the event takes place, than we seem to retain. I mention this fact for several reasons, including how much time we all seem we think we have to accomplish things, to do things that matter to us, and how quickly time does often get by us. A very wise mentor of mine once told me that the most successful and the really happy people that he knew in life, both male and female, young and old, had something in common. They knew how to plan their work and work their plan.. And “The Plan” and “The Work” included a strong balance of important work – meaning doing something of value important to you that you enjoy with passion, along with planning time for fun, for family, for friends.. Inotherwords, understanding the meaning of the word Balance in life. We all tend to think there is plenty of time to ________ (YOU fill in the Blank!:).
What just popped into your mind? To save money? To Travel? To have a place on a lake, pond, waterfront, with a Mountain View? Another interesting thing this weekend, is that by the time you read this, the date is the ____ day of August 2015 already! Did July come and go in a blink of an eye for you? Why do you think this is true?
I suggest time is precious. Do not waste a moment! Anyone who has faced and overcome a severe illness – Cancer, etc – will tell you not to waste a moment and to live every moment to the fullest. Why is that? It is because these individuals have had to face the real possibility of no tomorrow, and all too quickly. Here is the fact I want each of you to see from my words this week: EACH and EVERY ONE of us, has less time than we will ever imagine.. All too soon.
Can we here at Anne Plummer & Associates help you to sell towards planned goals, or to purchase exactly what you have been thinking about?
We suggest there is no Real Estate Group more suitable, passionate, friendly, kind, and professional to help you do just that here in the Maine Lakes Region. We hope to hear from you today. Let’s make this August memorable and special!