What a difference a year makes. Last year this weekend not too many people in this region were as excited about the big game as the Patriots were also getting ready to watch the Super Bowl on TV. So for many here in the great Maine Lakes Region last year’s super bowl between __________ and ____________ did not result in as many plans for this Sunday afternoon and evening, in 2016.
How many of you were able to quickly fill in the blanks with the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos? Do you remember last year’s score? Denver won by a couple of touchdowns 24-10. A year from now, most everyone in the Maine Lakes Region I expect, will remember the results of whatever Super Bowl 51 has in store for us this weekend.
Some things are similar this year though. Big Sebago Lake is mostly open water again this year, even as we approach a full week into February. It appears there will be no big Sebago lake ice fishing again this year, unless we get some very cold weather for many consecutive days in a row very soon, so this will be the second year in a row with no ice fishing on some of our biggest lakes. However, just like last year – and this it true every year at this time – our peak winter times can be the very best opportunity to look at homes, lots, land, and property. You can often investigate property most easily walking over what may be wetlands, streams, any small ponds, and you can almost always REALLY see what things look like with no vegetation. Your view of your neighbors, and their view of you and your property, can vary significantly between late summer and February. Here at Anne Plummer & Associates we hope that your favorite team is playing this weekend, and if not, that the game is a good one and that your weekend is also safe and fun.. just like all of your Real Estste needs are, when working together with us!