As we enter this peak foliage mid-October weekend here in the great Maine Lakes Region, we would like to remind you that there is no better time of year to have your property looked at to discover your market value in today’s marketplace. The results can be eye-opening! We are very proud of the depth, passion, and years of experience our team members offer to our appreciated clients. If you have been curious as to the value of a waterfront, lakefront, water access, waterview, mountain view home, camp, or property, there is no better time of year for full discovery than now. Give us a quick call, and you will be glad that you did!
It is also one of the most delightful times of year to get together with your family or your significant other, and take a drive. It is important to talk openly about what you really want if now is the time for you to consider downsizing, upgrading, or investing in that waterfront vacation property you have always dreamed about!
And just a reminder, if you are out and about in our area this weekend and you want to take the most spectacular drive possibly on the planet, this drive within an hour is “day-to-day” today as to  when it will have to be closing for the season:

From personal experience within the last couple of years, if you get the opportunity to spend half a day, this writer absolutely recommends getting the accompanying audio to listen to, as you make the drive up to the summit of Mt. Washington and then back down again.  This time of year especially, dress in layers and bring hats and mittens!

Whatever you choose to do this weekend, it’s a great weekend for a drive, so get out and enjoy the possibilities!