If you are as fortunate as many people thinking about this Thanksgiving week as it approaches its close, you have hopefully also enjoyed a couple of extra days away from work and the opportunity to spend extra time with family, extended family, and friends.
Whether you remained here in our great Maine Lakes Region, or if you traveled and enjoyed time elsewhere, everyone here at Anne Plummer & Associates hopes that your travels and this Thanksgiving holiday has been a safe, happy, and enjoyable one.
Come Monday many of us face several realities: back to work for most of us through the end-of-year upcoming Holiday Season, most of us also with an interest to again more carefully watch what we eat, and to pay attention to what we spend as we all are asked to invest in the “Season of Giving” in both commercial and philanthropic ways. And in today’s world those options are promoted on many media outlets: TV, Radio, Print, and increasingly more via social media. Those of you reading this blog at this moment are choosing to absorb information via a form of Social Media: A weekly Blog on a commercial Website headed by Anne Plummer & Associates who promotes it’s superior Maine Lakes Region waterfront and lakefront Real Estate business and group experience while promoting and advocating the very unique and special opportunities our Maine Lakes Region has to offer. Less than an hour to some the best beache anywhere, less than an hour to some of the Earth’s most majestic mountains including the ability to drive to the very top, of Northeastern North America, where the highest winds on our planet were ever recorded. Mt. Washington my be next door in our neighboring state of New Hampshire, however the beauty of waking up and looking out of your front- or backyards right here in the Great Lakes Region of Maine – admiring to the west the majesty that is the White Mountains, is just one amazing part of the essence of living here full, or part-time. Good luck to us all, in diet, all things Holiday, in safety, and in health.
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