Our area weather will be changing soon and now is the time to prepare for the changes predicted for the northern 1/2 of our state by Sept. 15th and our entire area by Oct. 1st.. Our first frost of the season is coming soon. Here are some quick and hopefully helpful thoughts to make the upcoming season easier for everyone. Do you heat with home heating Oil? Fill your tank now if you can, as heating oil has not been a better value than right now, in many years. The price seems to be creeping up however in checking prices this weekend you can still find #2 Home Heating Oil under $1.80 a gallon and in a few spots even still under $1.70 per gallon, but those prices seem to be disappearing fast, so act today and here is a helpful tool for us all of us here, who live in the Maine Lakes region:


If you like to save extra energy on your fuel bills, window plastic wraps either inside, or the exterior installation type can lower heating costs, especially for homes that have older, less efficient windows. Installing these soon if that is in your plan, before the weather gets too cold, will help reduce costs this heating season. If you have any major yard work to do, especially gardens and flower beds, you have a couple of weeks according to the weather channel before our first frost will hit, so now is the time to prepare them, along with any decorative and potted plants you may have. And your favorite small engine dealer will tell you that now is the best time to tune-up and prepare your snowblower and to test your plowing attachments to tractors and trucks, before the “rush” they experience at 1st snowfall each year.
And if you are thinking about selling anytime soon, give us a call as it is our pleasure to educate you as to the nature of today’s market. Make it a good week!