Rabbit Rabbit!!


Today is Sunday, March 1st – and is anyone else wondering where the heck did February go, however that is really more than okay, this year?!?.  If you do not know where the title of this week’s Blog came from, here is a link that explains how and why many people start their month off by saying a variation of those words.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabbit_rabbit_rabbit


Thinking about this upcoming week being vacation week for most college students, if you are one of many people with an abnormal amount of laundry happening as you read these words due to a college student being home right now, that is a great problem to have as we all flip our Calendars today from February to March.  This is a time of change each year, and change is in the air.  The Red Sox are now playing baseball getting ready for opening day.  Before you read the next Maine Lakes Region blog here, you will have lost an hour’s sleep next weekend!  Do not forget that on Saturday night – at 2:00 AM to be exact Sunday morning on March 8th – it will become 3:00 AM Sunday morning, March 8th.  SPRING AHEAD! That is how I was taught which way the clocks go.  Spring Ahead – Fall Back.  So we all miss out on 1 hour of sleep next Saturday night into Sunday morning, and we all get to laugh at the people who show up on Monday an hour late for work because they think it is 7:00 AM when it is really already8:00 AM! What you will not be missing, if you do have a student home for their last college winter break this week, is those monthly tuition bills much longer.  There are many families who are about to enjoy a lot more disposable income with a College Graduation happening in a few short months, and any and all of you should be thinking about that delightful change, your future, and we suggest an excellent way to make that extra money grow is to invest it into a Lakefront, Lake view, Mountain view, or Maine Lakes Region property that you will both enjoy, and realize is an excellent investment for both your finances, and your enjoyment.