By the time you read this blog, you may already be aware from experience driving this week, that you need to leave extra time in the morning getting to work, and please pay close attention during the early and mid afternoon timeframes, as School Buses are now back on the road this week. Next weekend is a long weekend with Monday being Labor Day On Monday, September 7th this year. Please pay close attention to the roads as the bus routes are not yet routine for the bus drivers, the parents, and especially the newer youngest students waiting at the side of the road, who may not be paying close attention as they should be, waiting for the bus. Please be aware that if you are on a longer stretch of 4-lane road – Route 302 through Windham comes to mind – that if a school bus is stopped with it’s Red Lights flashing, all four lanes of traffic must stop in both directions. Thank you for paying attention as this will be the norm for the better part of the next 10 months.
Another consistency at this time of year, is often the amount of waterfront, water access, and Real Estate in general that becomes newly available on the market, as people start to think about back-to-school, weekend-only use of many properties, and the opportunity to sell a property prior to “seasonal close up” timeframes. With the end of summer, Indian summer, early fall, and leaf-peeping to peak foliage season well ahead of us , there is a lot of time to show and sell a property this time of year – and to visit, see, and to finally find exactly what you might be looking for. Let’s get together so you can learn more, about the many advantages of working with our team here at Anne Plummer & Associates!