‘Tis the season for celebrating and for a lot of preparation going into, and for celebrations that remind us the real meaning of this Holiday season -regardless of religious preference. That is absolutely a learned – and a for most a teachable – true gift and an Art Form when done properly: Entertaining guests. This past week found the Anne Plummer & Associates family of Realtors, dedicated support staff, and their families gathered at Anne and Randy’s lovely home in Naples, Maine for hors d’oeuvres, an amazing Prime Rib meal with delicious sides, and lots of fun and merriment including a fun Yankee Swap done right, some movie-title-only charades, and lots of visiting. I know that I can speak for everyone there, that this party was not only done right, but in the true spirit of “giving”.   People who “Get the art of helping people” and that “the gift really is, in the giving” are the type of individuals I suggest you do your best to surround yourself with, year-round.

Whenever you put many people in a home – no matter how positive and caring they may be – there are bound to be a couple of mishaps.. A dropped partial Yankee swap gift reminded all that glass indeed doesn’t do well with gravity.. And a kitchen moment proved that wine can, on occasion, indeed defy gravity! Not only was a great time had by all, but as the appreciative author of this weekly blog, it could not be more obvious to me why working with everyone at this gem of a Maine Lakes Region organization – www.mainerealestatechoice.com – and Anne Plummer’s Team is such a positive experience. Caring matters. Attention to detail, matters. Being positive and appreciative, matters. I personally can not possibly thank Randy, Anne and their family enough for a delightful evening where we all learned more from a personal perspective why we all should work hard and really care about doing a good job. Happiness comes from finding something that you care about doing to the best of your ability, and a job done to the best of our ability this and everyday: Matters. And remember: Work, to live.. And not the other way around. Life is, too short.

I know I can speak for everyone when I say sincerely:
Thank you Anne, for everything. For this much appreciated-by-all gathering this past week.. And for really understanding and promoting from “The Top Down” what it really means to care about individuals.  Your Team focus, and you teaching that primarily “by example” and surrounding yourself with the best individuals that you can, and I can assure you that it shows there is indeed great value in enjoying the unmatched experience that you and your team are blessed to have created.
Trust me when I consistently suggest that if you are not giving Anne Plummer & Associates a call for all of your lakefront, waterfront, mountain view, lot, land, and Real Estate needs: You are missing out on a very positive experience. Call them today @ 207-693-5200 and you will be glad, that you did!