This coming Monday October 3rd is Woodmen’s Field Day at the Fryeburg Fair.

Opening for the 2016 season on Sunday the 2nd, the Fryeburg Fair this year runs through – and including – Sunday October 9th next weekend.
Maine’s largest agricultural fair, it is the only agricultural fair in Maine to take place in the month of October, held in a beautiful setting annually, this year certainly in prime foliage season. There are many Exhibit halls showcasing local agriculture, foodstuffs, art, woodworking, there is a Fair museum, along with harness racing and various shows featuring livestock. The midway, rides, food, and games are favorites for many, and among the many things that set the Fryeburg Fair apart from other agricultural fairs, are the events always on Monday: Monday – October 3rd this year – is Woodmen’s Day here on the western edge of our great Maine Lakes region, and here’s some history along with things to look forward to..
Men and women from all over the U.S. come to compete in over 27 woods-related events.  Bucksaw, standing block, the axe throw, tree felling, pole climbing, crosscut, springboard, you will find this and more each year on Woodmen’s day. The events kick off at 9:00am and since there are many categories and skills to enjoy, you can watch these talented men and women all day, with the event wrapping up at 5:00pm.

The weather is predicted to be mostly sunny for the entire week, and though you might need a jacket first thing in the morning, as many suggest dress in layers, as it is likely to warm-up quickly into the mid 60’s most every day. The leaves are already turning various colors as September has just turned to October, so get out and enjoy this fall season here in our delightful Maine Lakes Region!