This weekend brings us exactly to the middle of October, with Halloween falling on a Tuesday this year. With our sunset already happening before 6:00 PM, if things seem to be changing rapidly in that department, they really are. We lose, on average, 3 minutes of daylight every single day these days. So next weekend, when our next Sebago Lakes Region Maine Real Estate Choice blog comes around, there will be 21-24 less minutes of daylight than there are today. Which adds up to between now and December 21st, we’ll enjoy one hour less of daylight, every 3 weeks. And the reverse is also thankfully true. Once we get into January and February, we will once again gain the daylight back until the entire process slows down and flips again on June 21st.  And while we are discussing interesting facts:  From a line drawn through our great state of Maine starting in Perry to the east through Dexter to Rangeley in the west, is the 45th parallel. This is the halfway point between the North Pole and the equator. Drive due north, or due south from that line, and 3107 miles later you will reach your desired destination.  When entering the state crossing the Portsmouth bridge driving northward, it is 170 miles and about a 3 hour drive to reach the 45th in Dexter.. and what many don’t realize is that during that drive to your left and right you’ve passed almost 70% of the State of Maine’s population.. however you have covered only about 1/3rd of our state’s land mass, with almost 65% of the State of Maine’s land area being located north of the 45th Parallel. Hope you’ve enjoyed these facts, and maybe given you some ideas for fun day trips especially now with the leaves turning their various colors and hues, is now very close to peak status!

Make it a great week!