The single current challenge in today’s Real Estate marketplace is no different here in the great Maine Lakes Region than it is almost everywhere in the country right now. It matters not if you have land, waterfront, water-view, mountain-view, Lakefront, seasonal or year-round property: It is all at a current peak value due to the demand in the marketplace exceeding available inventory. If you have been debating whether or not to investigate the potential value of your current property, we strongly suggest that you allow us to put together at no charge to you, a fair-market evaluation. This is a comprehensive study of what your home and property is worth in today’s marketplace. The evaluation is based on many factors including location, ongoing costs of ownership – taxes, any association fees – and the most important factor includes the recent sales price that the homes and properties in your area actually brought for a final selling price. Since waterfront and year-round lakefront property is in such high demand here in our Maine Lakes Region, we suggest that if you have any curiosity to see if now is the time for you to capitalize on your investment, you should call us today because our team has more experience here in the region than any other. The need, importance, and value to have an experienced Real Estate Agent and strong Agency working for you has never been more important than today. Especially when it comes to the day that you list your property at the right price: You should immediately be faced with multiple offers – literally often overnight – and at that moment you need the experience we bring to you, to understand the value of each offer based on the purchasers involved. There are many in the marketplace today who suggest that if you are not getting your asking price or even above that figure, either the property is overpriced, or certainly something important has been overlooked. Details matter. Having an experienced Real Estate Agent and team working for you has never mattered more than it does right now. Give us a call today at 207-693-5200. You will be glad that you did!